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Modular Homes

Living within our means requires utilizing space to the best of our ability. Modern-Shed designs prefab modern homes as a solution to eliminating the clutter of the day.

Modern-Shed uses only premium quality products and has the longest warranty in the business! Modern-Sheds are prefab dwellings commonly referred to as modular homes. Our prefabricated homes are manufactured to precise standards and assembled rapidly in a number of days without costly, time consuming home renovations or remodeling.

As our lives change, our need for living space, storage space, office space and play spaces also changes. Most of the time, we need “just one more room"...Modern-Shed may be just the solution you're looking for. Our designs are completely customizable; therefore, the possibilities are endless and we like it that way.

Our modular home designs are clean, simple and stylish, which allows our buildings to sit next to any style house, in any neighborhood. We have even seen Modern-Shed accepted in strict historical neighborhoods. We are also eco-friendly and our signature transom glass along the roofline provides an abundance of natural light during the daytime cutting down on energy costs.

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In The Media

Modern Shed has been featured in The New York Times, Seattle Magazine, and Dwell Magazine among other publications and forms of media. Your imagination's reality. Need a home office? Art Studio? Yoga Studio? Retreat from the kids? Apartment for your anti-aging mother? Modern-Shed can create it. All of the Modern-Shed Dwellings are custom made for clients and will suit any need you can come up with. You don't need any excuses, you just need a Modern-Shed.



Modern-Shed is about creating unique spaces that provide creative work or entertainment areas while best utilizing space constraints. At the core of Modern-Shed's philosophy rests a desire to promote a healthy environment and progressive designs. Modern Urban Retreats (that's us!) is a dealor for Modern-Shed covering: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. If you are looking for a retreat, we are the ones to contact! Learn more...

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